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Not Forgetting Christmas

he Christmas Tree has been taken down, to be stored for the following year. All other Christmas items are put into storage to wait again to be taken out and put away. I don't want to forget Christmas, my spirit shouts aloud! Just because itmes are put upto wait. I am not putting myself away to wait as well! I am going to go on and welcome each new day that He gives. I look forward to his coming differently today.

Not in babe form today. Today he will come in the form of the Holy Spirit! He will come to fill me full. Full of Strength, Full of Grace, Full of mercy. Full of compassion, Full of every single fruit that he has to offer. It is mine for the taking but I must ask for this filling. He will give me freely that which he longs to give. The Israelites knew of this filling as they went out each day to gather the manna. They too had to put faith to the receiving they needed to gather.

He's coming today and I'm not going to forget Christmas. Today he will come as a consumin…