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For the New Mother Today

You have labored and God has brought forth. You have counted and recounted those fingers and toes just to make sure.

You have watched him hold the precious gift that was placed in your womb 9 months ago. He holds the babe tenderly and yet awkwardly at the same time, almost as if he is so afraid of breaking this tiny one. He watches his bride emerge into a mother right before his very eyes and he is astonished at the miracle of how everything seems to come alive in her as she holds close her own flesh that was made along with his.

You have pressed your lips against that fuzzy little head hundreds of times within the 2-3 days that you have had to hold it close. You have watched this child sleep in your arms and the feelings you have inside are sheer joy! The sweet baby noises have all but melted the interior of your heart. They have come to wheel you downstairs to the lobby where your ride awaits to take you and this precious babe home where you will begin the journey of motherhood and p…