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Because Mamma Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This...

Growing up with him was hard, real hard! He was hyper and mean, terribly mean. Constantly doing things he shouldn't. Saying things he ought not to. Little was known about meds. at that time. Although they tried. He ended up overmedicated and zombielike. It all to quickly ended and they never tried them again.

        I remember Mom crying a lot. She just didn't know how to handle him, discipline him. Dad's yelling became a constant noise and with it came many threats but no follow through. What a hard thing AD/HD is to parent through.

I remember all the fears I had finding out I was pregnant with good and perfect gift. I begged God constantly to give him a normal brain. One that had plenty of the chemicals it needed to work well. A brain that would not be hyper. I prayed hard, so hard. My Daddy said, "No". simply put. I guess my journey to going lower for me means learning how to parent a child who's brain needs extra chemicals. A child who is impul…