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Sitting On The Edge Of Tomorrow

I sit praying, thinking, pondering, what tomorrow will bring. Meeting our baby girl for the first time. Holding her soft pink skin close to mine after long awaited weeks of being swollen with her life growing in the secret places.

 To look upon her precious life and to see how my Daddy formed her and knitted her together. Wondering who she will look like.

  Will she have hair or none at all. What kind of temperment will she have? What will it be like for good and perfect gift to get to meet her for the first time

The excitement that will fill this delivery room from a big brother who has also waited and waited to meet his new sister. How he can't wait to hold her and kiss her soft baby cheeks. How he has counted down from the day we told him she was growing inside my womb.

How life will change drastically with a new little one to care for. What will it look like in the days to come? The happiness she will bring to our family. A miracle long awaited for. How my Daddy has entrusted me w…