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For The Days When Your Temper Gets The Best Of You.

We had enjoyed it so much. The movie, the dinner out. We had a sitter for good and perfect gift and our little joy girl. It had been a whole year since our last date night. We were celebrating our 21st anniversary. The day we said "I do" to one another for the duration of time that we have here.
We don't get to do this often enough but had said last night that we needed to make a point to do this so much more often. We needed to be refreshed. We needed reconnection. We needed time alone to have conversation just for us.

The movie has lasted 3 hours plus dinner out. We had six hours to spend together just us. It was wonderful. We sat hand in hand at the theatre. He had opened doors for me. I felt like I did when we dated. I prettied myself up for him and decided to wear something nice instead of something stained.

How much fun we had together. It came time for our evening to come to an end. I called our sitter to let her know we were on our way home. I had asked her to let…