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Saying Good-Bye

remember like it was yesterday, us bringing her home.Me all giddy and full of excitement to have my very first pet. Sweet hubby not so enthused, full of indifference. She was so scared riding in the car. I put her on my lap so she would find comfort but still her tiny little body trembled and she cried out all the way home. She was charcoal grey with 4 white sock-footed feet. The most beautiful green eyes. Her tiny little pink nose was one that was the pinkest of pinks!

(all pictures posted are pictures from bing, this is just what our bijou looked like.)  A fiesty little spirit that would land her in trouble more times than I was prepared for. I loved how she would tiger pounce at everything that moved. She would walk about our home as if she owned the place. She did!
She came to be with us because I could not face what her alternative was. She was the only one left of her siblings. We saved her from certain death. She became like my child. Waking me in the early morning because she wa…