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The First Journey Home

We had laughed as we traveled listening to Adventures In Odessy. We had listened to it twice. The stories had carried us all the way to her house. We had pulled into the driveway. It was dark by the time we had arrived. Dad had left the light on for us even though he went to visit my sisters home. The car had come to a complete stop. We began getting our luggage out of the car for our stay on Thanksgiving Weekend. It was the first time I had been home since Mom went to her heavenly home. I had carried a couple of bags up the ramp and into the house. I did not know it was going to be this hard. My eyes began to brim and flow. There was no stopping what my heart was experiencing. The ache of the broken heart seems to never mend. 

                           (these were taken at christmas last year)
Her corner now empty. Where she once had set for days on end enjoying shows with my Dad. It was now hollow. Her lift chair had been given to Grandmother and a small glider rocker had been put b…