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When you have to stand strong for your spouse

The storm looms big. Waiting to take him over. His mother has passed away. With her death comes an unexpected cost that overwhelms the soul and threatens to break him into. He's worried and full of anxiety. He's wondering how this bill will be paid. I Talk on the phone with our benevolence  ministry at church. They have said they will pay $500.oo towards the bill. They took up a collection at his job while he was away for the funeral. They wanted to help pay towards the funeral. They collected $140.00. God is faithful I tell him. He's walking towards a pit and has climbed down in. He's hanging on the side with white knuckled hands grasping to loosened dirt. I tell him he has to fight for joy. One can only win this type of battle when you fight for joy. He says he's too tired to fight. I tell him to fight on his knees. Keep his own gratitude journal. It's the only way to stay out of the pit really. By learning to give thanks in all circumstances and to live the …