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Finally A Due Date

ur good and perfect gift got to go to the Doctor's appointment with us and was allowed to sit with us through the ultrasound! He was so amazed at watching this little life who is being knitted together inside Mommy's womb, move! He watched intently as the baby would  move arm's and legs and push the little head back and forth. He was in awe to hear the heartbeat, so very strong and fast. I told him this is what you looked like when Mommy and Daddy got to see you the first time. He could hardly believe that he was once so tiny. We asked the ultrasound tech "How big the baby was at this point"? She measured and told us about 4 and a half inches. Not very big at all but you could see the outline of the face. You could clearly see little arms, and legs, and hands. Clearly God's workmanship in the making. My eyes brimmed and pooled as I watched in silence. I had remembered a doctor many years ago telling me,"You will never be able to have children". I lo…