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A Letter To Jason Tippets

Dear Jason,

                  I came to absolutely adore your precious Kara the day Ann Voskamp posted Kara's letter to Brittany on her blog. She took my heart by storm. She showed me what it was like to live in brokenness. She really taught me that I to needed to just be broken and that is a beautiful thing to be broken, to live a life large in the brokenness. Whatever messy, hard, and ugly place I find myself in, that it is a beautiful and holy place to live. I began reading Kara's blog daily for nourishment to my spiritual life. I found so much strength and encouragement to carry on, in her "Mundane Journey". She's such a woman of beauty because of our Great Big God!! God has used her to open up some really closed off places. Places where I have needed to be broken and free. Ugly places that God needs to redeem. I have prayed countless times for God to heal her but He said no. I just have tears  upon tears now for you and for your children and your friends and …