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My First Mother's Day Without My Mamma

She had said it right when she typed those words to me. I read them on the screen. "You will take many steps now without your Mom here but He will walk you through each one.
 I had dreaded it all week sort of just put it off because I knew I wouldn't be picking out a card for her this year.

I had needed to go to the store and simply walked right past the card isle.  I did not want to face it that I would be spending my first Mother's Day without my Mamma this year. She loved Mother's Day Getting flowers and cards from her children. She loved it for more than that. She loves being a Mamma. She enjoyed being home with us even when the days did not go well and we all gave her a hard time. She enjoyed watching us grow into ourselves and stumbling along the way. She encouraged, nurtured, believed, and the one thing she did most of was prayed. Prayed for our well-being. Prayed we would make wise choices in life. Prayed mostly that we would love Christ and much as she did. Pray…

When all doesn't go well

He came on a Tuesday after getting such high reviews. My husband feels the call to move us into a slightly bigger home now that we have our joy girl. 16 years we have let our roots sink down deep into this place. My husband had received Christ in our bedroom on a dark night many years ago. I remember good and perfect gift being born and him telling me it was time for his arrival at 2:00 a.m. many years ago. The walls can tell you many stories that I will never forget having lived in this little starter home for the past 16 years. I agree we could use the extra room.

         I was in need of someone who was good with dry walling. I had used my creative artsy side to try and texture our bathroom several years ago. Sadly, it did not turn out that way I had wished. I knew this would be a selling point once we put our home on the market. He said he could fix my "mess" and gave me a reasonable quote to do so. I was so excited to have this room fixed.  He came the first day began …