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Spirit To Spirit, Heart To Mamma Heart, Sister To Christ Sister

She had called just when it began to get messy, just when the situation turned hard, very hard. The meltdown was more than I could bare. I retreated with our little joy girl to her room to nurse her. My husband was given the wisdom to walk away and let this breaking down take place and pour itself right out. It had lasted longer than I thought it would. When will these type moments be over? When will he be able to subdue his emotions and bring them under control. Our emotions run wild in this house and they wear a person right out. Left feeling empty of everything you have to parent against them.

Her phone call was a divine appointment with the Spirit himself. She read His word to me. She read of promises His promises. The ones of strength, and never leaving me or forsaking me. She read of casting burdens to Him and letting
Him take them. She talked of taking His yoke upon me and taking His rest. She to has her own good and perfect gift. She knows all to well how draining it is to rais…