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For the days when you feel forsaken

I  sat alone on the couch last night. Good and perfect gift was spending time in his room. Tonight would have been the perfect timing for my husband and I to spend much quality time together. No distractions or so I thought. He had walked right past me went upstairs to play computer games!

 Could he not open his eyes to see me sitting all alone? Does he not see that it has been to long since him and I had any time together? Does he not realize how long, seriously too long it has been since he has taken me out on a date? All to many times I feel like in order to get my husband to spend anytime with me I have to nag him to do it and then it's not meaningful. He is doing it out of obligation instead of desire. I really do tire of having to compete with black boxes that take you anywhere you want to go. See anyone you want to see.

  How I wish our family was without one of these black boxes. How I wish you could e-mail someone without being connected to the internet so computer games wo…