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What Our 20 Week Ultrasound Revealed

e walked into the Drs. office together as a family, filled with anticipation, excitement for the news that we would hear  and the sights we would see that day. The three of us have been praying for a little girl. Even good and perfect gift desires to have a sister. His reasoning that His precious little mind came up with all on His own in His own words," Mommy , we already have a prince in the family, we need a princesss"! I nod my head, smiling at his reasoning and agree with him. The wait was not long, I had drank my water and was eagerly awaiting a much needed bathroom break. The Technician opens the door and calls my name. We walk back to the ultrasound room and take our places as if we were awaiting to see a symphony, or a play. I had brought a small shoe box filled with things that good and perfect gift could use to keep him occupied since this visit would be alot longer than our usual. I had laid down on the bed and lifted my shirt. She squirted warm jelly on my abdom…