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Why I'm Singing Today

She calls me to tell me of her decision to opt out of trying to get a liver transplant. I'm quiet with anticipation of her "Why". I listen very quietly and let her do all the talking. She tells me how tired she is. How very worn out she is. She dreams of the day she will see her Master face to face.  She tells me how it is His decision to heal. It is his body to do as he pleases. She tells me of how she is trusting in Him to do what he sees as best. I want to cry but nothing comes. No warm wet stinging the face, Strangely, I too feel His prescence and peace in this moment. The same peace that I hear in her voice. My mind runs very far ahead begs the question, What will life be without my Mother. The one who taught me about Jesus. The one who sacrificed countless hours of sleep, The one who loved me no matter how much I rebelled in my young teenage life. The one who sat up at night with me when I had stomach viruses. She would always hold my head, keep my hair pulled back…