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When you have to wait on God

So yeah, here we are again. We are waiting. Just like we waited 10 years ago. We are jobless and we are waiting. It can seem that waiting on God can be like waiting for eternity to come and split every thing wide open and explode God glory everywhere. Our fleshly patience doesn't like to wait for the holy to happen when we live in a "I want it now" society but if there's one thing He keeps telling me in this waiting is to Be Still and Know. Be. Still. And. Know. Be. Still. Every fiber that He knit me with wants to be doing. But in doing there is worry and fretting. Doubt tries to creep in too close. Being still shifts my focus and keeps my eyes on the one who KNOWS. On the one who SEES. On the one who HEARS and on the one who REMEMBERS. It takes a deep discipline to keep that focus and allow the joy of the LORD to be my strength. It takes a trusting and believing that HE WILL MAKE A WAY when there seems to be no way. So while we wait,we make our own Jericho and we m…