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Snuggling Into Jesus

The day has worn long. We have had a full day of homeschooling, playing, and housework. Sweet Hubby has been down for several days now with an upper respiratory infection. He comes home weary and needing much rest from his day. He needs to heal and healing can only come when we can stop and rest this body. He lays down and sleeps into the evening hours allowing his body to be healed by the Creators hands.

Tonights dinner shall be a quick and easy one. Chicken noodle for Sweet Hubby. Chicken rings and tater tots for good and perfect gift. A protein shake and some fruit for me. Not really much hungry.
   We eat in the warmeth of candle light's glow some days. It helps to calm our family and eases us into the night hours. We enjoy each other's company around the table.

 Sweet hubby mostly quiet because of him not feeling well at all. Good and perfect gift gives his Daddy the gift of recounting his day to him and all he has learned and played and done with the minutes he has been…