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Living To Die, So I Can Fully Love

have often bared my soul and shared how my marriage is going through the rebuilding process.

 I learned through a powerful sermon that the way up is down in relationship with Christ. In His kingdom everything is backwards than what I have been taught all those years ago. Christ is teaching me this very same lesson in my marriage. For years I have been doing more receiving than giving to my husband. He sets a beautiful example of unconditional, sacrificial, love.

                    (The flowers he brought me)   

One that I want to exibit with him. He has modeled it the many times when he takes the "lesser" so I could have the "more". I too often have taken advantage of his Christlike love and have never given him anything of me back. Through the gentle tug of heart strings the Holy Spirit is beautifully showing me where I have erred and is melting my self-righteous heart as I speak to you right now.

 My heart aches because I know all to well how this must hurt the he…