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When you know you are loved by God

She lays her tiny hand on me when I nurse her. Hans that will one day know good from evil. She looks at me so intently as if she is memorizing every line, every freckle, every curl that surrounds my face. There is nothng but love that looks back at me. A toothless grin from time to time that seems as if it came fresh from the Father.

She completely trusts me to care for her, to keep her dry and and full. Only the Father could trust me with this little life. She holds out her arms for me to pick her up and to spend time with her. He too holds out His arms of love to me to, the desire of wanting to spend time with me communing with Him spirit to spirit. She nuzzles in close to feel my breath and to touch mamma warmth against her skin. I to snuggle into Jesus at the end of a day. Me wanting to lean in close and feal Father warmth against me. Knowing He is caring for me feeding me and keeping me dry through the storms. How His spiritual food can fill you when you are desperately hungry to…