When you have to wait on God

So yeah, here we are again. We are waiting. Just like we waited 10 years ago. We are jobless and we are waiting. It can seem that waiting on God can be like waiting for eternity to come and split every thing wide open and explode God glory everywhere. Our fleshly patience doesn't like to wait for the holy to happen when we live in a "I want it now" society but if there's one thing He keeps telling me in this waiting is to Be Still and Know. Be. Still. And. Know. Be. Still. Every fiber that He knit me with wants to be doing. But in doing there is worry and fretting. Doubt tries to creep in too close. Being still shifts my focus and keeps my eyes on the one who KNOWS. On the one who SEES. On the one who HEARS and on the one who REMEMBERS. It takes a deep discipline to keep that focus and allow the joy of the LORD to be my strength. It takes a trusting and believing that HE WILL MAKE A WAY when there seems to be no way. So while we wait,we make our own Jericho and we m…

How Busyness Can Blind You To Others

It seemed to her that this word had defined everyone's summer this year. She had often wondered besides vacations, what was everyone so busy doing? Wasn't summer the time when you kicked off your shoes and made time to relax? Isn't this the time of year that people get together with their children and neighbors they know well to plan picnic's in the back yard?

When she talked with people she had remembered they said "BUSY". Always busy doing this doing that. Running here running there. Never time to relax because I'm sooo busy!! She had heard alot of apologies saying  maybe some other time. She wanted more than anything to make time with people. The ones she thought so much of. She enjoyed people. she enjoyed their stories, their encouragement, their failures and their victories and she longed to be with them. Her summer was slow and without alot of commitments. So much so that at times she just felt stuck. She wondered if all the busy people were aware …

How God uses our hard for His holy!

He had gone and gotten himself into some really big trouble. The kind of trouble you have to put a dead stop to.

His Daddy and I sought out godly counsel to aid us in our boundary setting and consequence applying. Parenthood is no easy task! All of this led a  boy  down a road of scripture that he had never traveled.

 We have prayed scripture over him while he was being knitted perfectly in my womb. He's been in church since he was born, practically. We began reading bible stories to him when he was 6 months old. He has memorized scripture for the past 4 years, but looking up  scriptures that apply to your sin directly has an amazing effect on your heart. You see through the reading and writing of these scriptures, God begins talking gently to your heart telling you the way he wants you to go. His perfect way! When you initiate a quiet time for your child to reflect on these verses and write their thoughts down, it gives the heart the opportunity to respond back to God in a p…

Because Mamma Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This...

Growing up with him was hard, real hard! He was hyper and mean, terribly mean. Constantly doing things he shouldn't. Saying things he ought not to. Little was known about meds. at that time. Although they tried. He ended up overmedicated and zombielike. It all to quickly ended and they never tried them again.

        I remember Mom crying a lot. She just didn't know how to handle him, discipline him. Dad's yelling became a constant noise and with it came many threats but no follow through. What a hard thing AD/HD is to parent through.

I remember all the fears I had finding out I was pregnant with good and perfect gift. I begged God constantly to give him a normal brain. One that had plenty of the chemicals it needed to work well. A brain that would not be hyper. I prayed hard, so hard. My Daddy said, "No". simply put. I guess my journey to going lower for me means learning how to parent a child who's brain needs extra chemicals. A child who is impul…

A Letter To Jason Tippets

Dear Jason,

                  I came to absolutely adore your precious Kara the day Ann Voskamp posted Kara's letter to Brittany on her blog. She took my heart by storm. She showed me what it was like to live in brokenness. She really taught me that I to needed to just be broken and that is a beautiful thing to be broken, to live a life large in the brokenness. Whatever messy, hard, and ugly place I find myself in, that it is a beautiful and holy place to live. I began reading Kara's blog daily for nourishment to my spiritual life. I found so much strength and encouragement to carry on, in her "Mundane Journey". She's such a woman of beauty because of our Great Big God!! God has used her to open up some really closed off places. Places where I have needed to be broken and free. Ugly places that God needs to redeem. I have prayed countless times for God to heal her but He said no. I just have tears  upon tears now for you and for your children and your friends and …

When Your Heart Has Forgotten How To Love

A post for those who are weary of the struggle and the fight to keep their marriage together. Keep on keepin' on hang on tight!!She knew the hard blow of infidelity. How it can grab the heart and cause it to shatter into a million tiny pieces.
She knew how it could wrap itself around the lungs, causing you to gasp for every breath you take. As if each one is right out of your very grasp.

Her heart had grown so bitter and hard that anger had become her favorite company. It's almost as if she stood outside of herself looking in. All around her wake she could see herself crumbling under the weight of it all.

She felt powerless, hopeless, weary from the battle that went on daily within. She would make  brave attempts to share her story hoping someone would just HEAR HER! No one listened, no one really wanted to hear What she had to say fell on very deaf ears. No one was really willing to enter her one messy life.
Deep within her there was this part of her that wanted everything to g…

A few of my favorite things.

A few of my favorite things.

I found this wonderful slideshow maker!! Hope you will enjoy it and use it on your own blog!! Blessings friends!! Would love to know what you think of it!