When Your Heart Has Forgotten How To Love

         A post for those who are weary of the struggle and the fight to keep their marriage together. Keep on keepin' on hang on tight!!

She knew the hard blow of infidelity. How it can grab the heart and cause it to shatter into a million tiny pieces.


She knew how it could wrap itself around the lungs, causing you to gasp for every breath you take. As if each one is right out of your very grasp.

Her heart had grown so bitter and hard that anger had become her favorite company. It's almost as if she stood outside of herself looking in. All around her wake she could see herself crumbling under the weight of it all.

She felt powerless, hopeless, weary from the battle that went on daily within. She would make  brave attempts to share her story hoping someone would just HEAR HER!
No one listened, no one really wanted to hear What she had to say fell on very deaf ears. No one was really willing to enter her one messy life.

Deep within her there was this part of her that wanted everything to go back to the way it was. To Love as she once had Loved. Giving all of herself to him, as if there really was no tomorrow.
She held all of herself at a great distance

Not giving herself fully to him. She wanted to try and hold all those tiny pieces together but had not the strength to do it.

She hung on for her life and the life of others. She wondered how many more scars she would end up deep within her heart, how many times she would  end up in a puddle of tears trying to hold herself up

Taking her life would never be an option. She has a Heavenly Father who has created her for greatness!!
Divorce is the cowards way out! Their are no testimonies that end with Divorce. Ware fare is an ugly, horrid thing. We trudge through on our knees,on our faces at times and we come through it bruised, b r o k e n , and dis   jointed.
But HE is the GOD of the b r o k e n!
HE is the GOD of the bruised!
HE is the God of the dis   jointed!

She silently prayed and asked God to break her where she needed to be b r o k e n.

 She knew what needed to take place the wall needed to come down. He's willing to stay and he's willing to fight on his knees if he
must. Is she willing? Is she willing to take a step and trust fall into her Father's arms? Is she willing to open herself up once again? Is she willing to risk so much again? Is she willing to put her heart out there and possibly allow it to be shattered again?
She decided to walk obediently to the Father's will and entrust her heart to Him. He will Redeem what had been shattered. He will be the one to complete the two of them. To restore all the b r o k e n n e s s and help them to be broken together.

She took the Father's hand and walked quietly but confidently.


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