When the "Happy" is coupled with the "Hard" { along with a free printable!}

It has been this way from the beginning. I can remember each instance. My husband coming to Christ and the terrible news that he had to tell me that came along with his decision to follow Christ whole heartedly in order for him to feel completely free.  My good and perfect gift being born and in the N.I.C.U for 9 days with a lung infection. Finding out I was pregnant with good and perfect gift and my husband becoming jobless. Joy girl being born, my Mamma not being able to live to see her born. Being a Mamma trying to parent against AD/HD, Sensory Integration Disorder, O.C.D. Now building a home and my Mother-in-Law being diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. Why does the happy have to be coupled with the hard? God really wants and longs to do the
Holy inside each one, inside me! It pulls and stretches and sometimes I feel as if I'm going to be pulled straight through! Humbly, I seek him, trying not to throw the "Why" at Him. Wanting to ask Can't there be "Happy" without the "Hard"? Would he love us truly if all there was, was  Happy and no Hard? Would we learn to lean in hard if Happy was all there was? Would we have an understanding of his unending, amazing, Grace? Would there have ever been salvation if all he ever experienced was "Happy"? There has to be the "Hard". He picks us up in the hard and carries us. He pulls us close in the hard and whispers Trust me. Yes, he will stretch you, yes, he will pull you. Yes, there will sometimes be the "Hard"
 and Happy coupled together. Yes, HE. WILL. DO. THE. HOLY. inside you, through each and every instance. He is interested in the Holy more than the "Happy". He longs for you to look more and more like His Holy Son. When he looks at me, at you, he wants to see His reflection in you sweet one! You. Will. Make. It. Through. The. Hard. You will come through the Hard and holiness will be imputed to you. Give up fighting in the "Hard" I tell myself and let Him do the Holy. Stop wrestling as Jacob wrestled . He will not withhold the holiness from you as you let go and allow the "Hard" to happen. Let him peel back each layer and allow the healing to happen. It will only happen in the "Hard". Healing does not come in the "Happy" only in the "Hard"

Here is one for your mantle today friend. Print it off and remind yourself as often as I do. My you find grace in the "Hard"




  1. Thanks for your post. May God continue to be your strength with this round of "hards".

  2. Stacy, Thank you so much for coming by today and for your encouragement. Such a blessing to have you pull up on the porch swing with me today.
    ~ Lori


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