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The Sounds Of Spring, The sounds of Easter { part one }

hear it as I ready myself in the mornings. The song of many red breasted Robins. They come every spring to lay their blue eggs in carefully woven nests into our pear trees. They sing their robin song so beautifully as if an act of worship to their Creator.

They rely on him to bring them their mate for the season. They rely on him to bring them and their tiny ones food for the day. Their robin song fills my ears every morning as dozens of them roost together before the sun rises to begin a fresh new day. Can you hear the song of the robin?

 You can if you go here. you may want to listen to the sweet song I hear in the mornings. It just refreshes my spirit to hear these birds of such beauty sing their love song for the Creator. As evening draws near another sound catches my ear. A sound that I long to hear. For me this is the marking of spring. This is the sound that tells me Spring is here to stay. They are called spring peepers if you go here you can hear what their song is.

This is ano…