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To Rest and Resist

Sundays look very different from the rest of the week in our home. It is a day of collective worship with the other brother and sisters in our church family. It is a day that my sweet Hubby and I get to serve God's kingdom and people together as a team. After attending in the early A.M. on Sunday our afternoon is and afternoon of complete rest for our bodies. It looks very different for my Sweet Hubby, perfect gift and myself. for Sweet Hubby it means taking a 3 hour nap. For good and perfect gift it means a nap as well.  For me it means spending time alone, when all the house is quiet with my Saviour. We are all weary from the week prior and we all need rest for our bodies. We have ran to appts. We have homeschooled. We have worked a full week and have run loved ones to their appts. I'm learning this, What it means to be poured out for my one and only who gave his one and only for me.

God is the Author of rest. He Himself created the world in six days and rested on the sevent…