To Rest and Resist

Sundays look very different from the rest of the week in our home. It is a day of collective worship with the other brother and sisters in our church family. It is a day that my sweet Hubby and I get to serve God's kingdom and people together as a team. After attending in the early A.M. on Sunday our afternoon is and afternoon of complete rest for our bodies. It looks very different for my Sweet Hubby, perfect gift and myself. for Sweet Hubby it means taking a 3 hour nap. For good and perfect gift it means a nap as well.  For me it means spending time alone, when all the house is quiet with my Saviour. We are all weary from the week prior and we all need rest for our bodies. We have ran to appts. We have homeschooled. We have worked a full week and have run loved ones to their appts. I'm learning this, What it means to be poured out for my one and only who gave his one and only for me.


God is the Author of rest. He Himself created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. He liked rest so much that he commanded His people that He created to rest too! He knew how much one can exert themselves with never resisting the temptation to keep working. Are you resting? Are you resisting?
As I talk with you dear one. I have so many dishes in the sink, that I will just have to wash some to have a clean plate to eat on. This I will do tomorrow.


 I want to resist the enemy of my soul who says " It's just a load of dishes". I have two loads of laundry that did not get done this week. These to I will do tomorrow.


I'm resisting the enemy. I have planted my feet firm and I am resisting him who would encourage me to give up my quiet time with my Lord. As I remember the words of him who set me free from bondage" Martha, Martha, you are worried about many things. Mary has chosen what is better. I too want to choose what is better. All of this can wait until tomorrow. If I give into just one thing the enemy will stir me up to doing another then another and then before long,I will have cleaned up the entire house! I not giving into him. I'm resisting. Are You? What would your family look like if you actually rested? Would you tired and worn out Mother, Wife, Sister be able to carry on a little farther? What would you communicate to your family if you resisted the enemy and his tactics to take you away from your family and spent time just playing and loving and reading and sitting with your loved ones. Would you be communicating to them that they are more important that all this other busy stuff that you are doing. We all need a day to rest to escape from the everday pressures of housework, work, schedules, appointments, phonecalls. If you can learn to resist and rest you will have learned to really rest in Him. Oh the freedom of resting in the one who created your inmost being. How He will give you the strength you need to carry on for the hard days if only you wil rest in Him. I encourage you beloved of the Lord resist and rest enjoy the freedom of your Savior. Why do you strain yourself? Why do you leave yourself poured out with nothing to fill you back up? Rest and resist!

Father, today you have given me the strength to rest and resist. I pray that everyone who passes by would be convicted to do the same. To rest and resist. Thank you for the time in your word today. Thank you for filling me back up after being poured out for you. May this pouring outand filling up continue in the week to come. In the mighty,most holy, name of Jesus I pray Amen.


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