The Asking of Strength for Little Hands

I can't even begin to tell you how often the good and perfect gift has tried to use these hole punches to work on his O.T. homework. We are building his pincer strength because he has very little strength in his own hands. So for a long time he would try, get more than frustrated and give up. He would then go into this mode of" I'm never going to be able to do this!", feeling terribly sorry for himself. In essence he is more than right on. We cannot do anything in our own strength! It takes the strength of our most awesome Creator! If you look back in the bible, Sampson, David, and a host of many other could not do any of what they did on their own strength. It took them looking to the One who could fill them with all power and strength to do what they did!

 I felt the still small voice speak to my heart. Anoint his hands.


 So that is what I did! I got my olive oil out of my cabinet over the place where the creation of dinner takes place, I openend the lid and poured out just enough to anoint the little hands that will one day work for His Kingdom. This is the prayer that I prayed" Mighty Lord Jesus, I just want to lift up these precious little hands to you and ask that you would bless them with your strength, your mighty strength! My good and perfect gift is really having a hard time and needs you to come and show up and bless his wonderful hands with your strength. We thank you in advance that you will come and that you will bless these hands with your strength. Thank you Jesus. It is in the Most Holy and Mighty name Of Jesus we pray, Amen! "

       The good and perfect gift cries out and says" Please Jesus,Please come and help me with these hole punches, Amen!"

Well we continued over the next couple of weeks.


Continuing to pray in Faith and anoint in Faith and asking Jesus to show up in our kitchen as this good and perfect gift worked on these. There were lots of times where my precious gift said to me " Jesus is not helping me!" He's not coming and He is not helping me!" Those words, those words out of the mouth of my good and perfect gift hit me right to the core! I have often voiced those same words with a doubting heart and a doubting faith in the one where my strength comes from. Was I trying to do it on my own strength? More than likely so. I must remember this day, this moment of God given revelation, through my good and perfect gift. I must remember to annoint myself for the next time.
Jesus, like he loves to do, showed up in a very big way in our kitchen. He honored our faith anointing and our faith praying. He answered loud and clear one day and my good and perfect gift was able to do every one of those hole punches!!

We began a full blown worship service in our kitchen that day with praise hands lifted high, singing Chris Tomlin's; How Great is our God over and over and ending with God is So good with it personalized to my precious gift. I can't even begin to tell you how my faith grew over this and what a teaching time it was for the good and perfect gift that came from Above!

Oh Father, I'm so very sorry for the times that I doubt that you are going to show up and answer my prayers. Will you please forgive me? Will you cause me to remember this Holy, Holy,Holy, moment that took place in our kitchen that grew not only my faith but the faith of my good and perfect gift? It is in the mighty, mighty, mighty name of Jesus I pray Amen.


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