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Anointing All The Monsters Away

My good and perfect gift has latched onto the idea that there are monsters in our home. I have talked with him, showed him,and prayed with him. One of the things I keep reminding him is that Jesus is LORD of our home. Monsters cannot live here. Monsters do not exist.! He does not want to except the truth by any means. He began having nightmares. His mind has constructed all sorts of scary things that his subconscious brings out in his sleep.

I am very strict on the things I allow him to watch. He is only allowed to watch things such as Veggie Tales, Max Lucado's Hermie and Wormie And Friends. Curious George, Caillou, and Chugginton. I don't allow pixar in our home because even these have very questionable content for little ones. I believe if you are going to make a child's movie it should strictly have children's content and nothing more! What can we as his parents do with these night mares? What is my good and perfect gift really dealing with here.
Could it possibl…