Anointing All The Monsters Away

My good and perfect gift has latched onto the idea that there are monsters in our home. I have talked with him, showed him,and prayed with him. One of the things I keep reminding him is that Jesus is LORD of our home. Monsters cannot live here. Monsters do not exist.! He does not want to except the truth by any means. He began having nightmares. His mind has constructed all sorts of scary things that his subconscious brings out in his sleep.


I am very strict on the things I allow him to watch. He is only allowed to watch things such as Veggie Tales, Max Lucado's Hermie and Wormie And Friends. Curious George, Caillou, and Chugginton. I don't allow pixar in our home because even these have very questionable content for little ones. I believe if you are going to make a child's movie it should strictly have children's content and nothing more! What can we as his parents do with these night mares? What is my good and perfect gift really dealing with here.
Could it possibly be the enemy of his soul? I really don't know.
I do know that when I anointed his precious little hands, God honored that anointing and answered that prayer. Again we get our olive oil out.

I begin to pour this soothing oil into the tiny hands of my good and perfect gift. Into the strong hands of his Daddy, and into my hands as well. We anoint every wall, his bed, his closet, his floor, and he himself. We take turns praying. Good and perfect gift prays for a night without any bad dreams. His Daddy prays for our Great Big God to bind up any evil spirits that might be lurking about. I pray that our Great Big God would work  in good and perfect gift's heart to help him trust in the one in whom there is no darkness and that good and perfect gift would turn to him and cry out to him when he is scared. Daddy and I kissed good and perfect gift good night and tucked him into his bed for the night.
He awoke so excited the next morning! He could not wait to get out of his bed and proclaim in a voice of praise how Jesus had answered our prayers and he had very good dreams!
How often I forget that when I'm scared. Do I always remember to cry out to Jesus the one in whom there is no darkness. My good and perfect gift is learning the same lesson I am. The only one who can take our fears away and give us nothing but peace is Jesus. He has not given us a spirit of fear. He has given us peace and a sound mind. Anything that is less than that comes from the enemy of our soul and it must be prayed against. It must be binded up by God, the only one who has control over this evil being. He would love nothing more than to trap us in our fear and keep us hostage for years to come. We must call and cry out to our Great Big God who loves nothing more than to unleash his Holy Spirit on us and in us to have nothing but his sustaining peace.

Lord Jesus your are so good and so big! Thank you for taking away my good and perfect gift's fear and giving him your peace. Thank you for the wonderful dreams that my good and perfect gift has been having these come straight from you and we praise you that he was able to get good rest in you. Help me to continue to remember to cry out to you when I am afraid in Jesus mighty and wonderful name amen.

When I am afraid I will trust in you. Psalm 56:3


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