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The Day Mamma Went Home And How Life Has Changed

It was coming up on her second week in the Hosparus facility. Her physical body was deteriorating daily. It had become evident that she was headed for home. She became incoherent and she was in so much pain the morphine kept her comfortable. God had given her children a wonderful gift the first of that week. He had woken her up at 11:30 so her children could talk to her and tell her one last time how much they loved her and she could return her love once more. Saddened for myself and the unborn baby girl I carry in my womb, my mind took me on a ride that would bring wave after wave of emotion. Thoughts of this precious little gift not knowing her beautiful Grandmother. Mom not being there with me to witness her birth and see her for the first time.

  The many Mother's Day's that I would spend without my Mother. The many days that,"If only I could  call her and tell her about". The many Christmas' that we would spend without her. It was her favorite Holiday of the …