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When The Heart Attacks

I'm talking with my grandmother when the call-waiting beeps in. I look to see who the caller may be. I recognize the area code but not the number. I ignore the call -waiting and continue on with my grandmother. Two more times the same caller calls again. I say my good-bye's to my grandmother and I thumb for the button to recieve the caller who has been waiting. Cries coming from my niece, I had never known what her cell number was, hence my reluctance to answer her call. She's spilling with fear and she's upset beyond words. The only two words I can make out are "Mom" and "heart attack"! I tell her I'm on my way. The only thing that is realing in my mind is her mother's lost soul. I begin to pray for God to protect my sister's heart. "She doesn't know you, Daddy". "Give her a second chance at life". "Please send someone into her life to pour out your love on her". " I have talked to her and have wit…