When The Heart Attacks

I'm talking with my grandmother when the call-waiting beeps in. I look to see who the caller may be. I recognize the area code but not the number. I ignore the call -waiting and continue on with my grandmother. Two more times the same caller calls again. I say my good-bye's to my grandmother and I thumb for the button to recieve the caller who has been waiting. Cries coming from my niece, I had never known what her cell number was, hence my reluctance to answer her call. She's spilling with fear and she's upset beyond words. The only two words I can make out are "Mom" and "heart attack"! I tell her I'm on my way. The only thing that is realing in my mind is her mother's lost soul. I begin to pray for God to protect my sister's heart. "She doesn't know you, Daddy". "Give her a second chance at life". "Please send someone into her life to pour out your love on her". " I have talked to her and have witnessed to her, I have shared the gospel many times with her, I have poured out your love on her and she just keeps telling me ,"We are not going to talk about that, and shuts me down!" Her heart is so hard Daddy, you are the only one who can soften this heart that you created." I'm so concerned Daddy, that this will be her last day." "Please watch over her heart and protect it from stopping." In the mighty name of Jesus I pray Amen. These words continue to spill out as my husband and I gather good and perfect gift together and get him into the car, they spill out on our hour long drive to get to the hospital. Each mile seems as if it will never be passed. I call my niece back and get directions to the hospital, she conveys that the hospital has transported my sister to another hospital with a higher level of care for heart patients. I'm thinking in my mind this must be a really bad heart attack.
She has been a smoker since she was 16. We had tried so hard to get her to quit. She just kept telling us," I enjoy smoking."  I knew one day it would catch up with her. I too was a smoker in my early years and after we bought our home, hubby and I decided to quit because noone had ever smoked in our home and it smelled so good. It was a very hard thing to do but we managed to accomplish it together as a team effort. Smoking does no good things for your body. We finally make it to the hospital, we enter in through the E.R. . I ask about her where abouts and if we can see her, the lady behind the desk gives us directions to the heart unit. My family and I nervously fast walk to manuever our way around corners and hallways. I see pictures of Jesus everywhere I turn.

I know he is here with me and with her even though she would never acknowledge it. I hear the sound of them in the distance, heart monitors going off one right after the other.

 As we turn the corner we are met by my niece and brother -in-law. They are following a host of nurses gathered around a hospital bed carrying my sister to her place of residence for the next few days.  My brother-in- law fills us in on the details of what happened. Her left front coronary artery was 95% blocked. Yes she has had a severe heart attack. I can't believe it, she is only 40 years old! We wait outside her room until the nurses get her settled in. Once allowed in I walk up to the bed, I see the fear in her eyes. I kiss her cheek and a few tears stream down her face. I'm praying for God to give her the awareness of how blessed she is to be alive. She says, She is never smoking not one more cigarrette again. She has damaged her heart sevearely. I pray that God would give her the strength to do so.


                    The doctor had asked her if she was a smoker. Through her guilted look she said "Yes, About a pack or more a day." He had told her this was the main cause of her heart attack. That if she wanted to continue to live she needed to quit. He had also told her that only 40% of women live through this type of heart attack. I want to scream at her. Do you realize now, you have been given a second chance at life! What will you do with it? I fight the urge to scream out loud. Instead I pray, Daddy , give her the eyes to see, the ears to hear, the heart open. Allow her to hear your voice calling to her to come to Jesus, your Son who willing gave his life for her! We stay for a long while at the hospital. Around midnight we tell them we have to leave. I ask her if we may pray for her. She looks at me, rolls her eyes and says"I guess" . So broken inside over her reluctance. My hubby circles us up and we gather hand in hand to pray for her, my niece and brother-in-law. The prayer is one of comfort, peace, and protection in the days ahead.
She looks at me as I bend down to kiss her cheek good - bye ,unmoved by what she has just heard, I tell her I will see her later and I will be calling her tomorrow. I tell her I love her and will be praying for her.

Daddy, As you can see the inside of her heart you see that not only is her heart damaged but it is in bondage to sin as well. Will you go inside her heart and do open heart surgery on her? Will you give her a heart of flesh and take away her heart of stone? Will you woo them Holy Spirit, into your Son's precious salvation? Will you send people into their lives that will be Jesus to them?Will you do the same for my niece and my brother-in-law? It is in your Son's most holy and beautiful name I pray. Amen

Show me your glory Daddy!

If you would do me the honor after reading this post, if you are a Christ follower, would you join me in praying for the salvation of my family? Thank you for your Grace.
Longing for his salvation,
~ Lori

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