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How Busyness Can Blind You To Others

It seemed to her that this word had defined everyone's summer this year. She had often wondered besides vacations, what was everyone so busy doing? Wasn't summer the time when you kicked off your shoes and made time to relax? Isn't this the time of year that people get together with their children and neighbors they know well to plan picnic's in the back yard?

When she talked with people she had remembered they said "BUSY". Always busy doing this doing that. Running here running there. Never time to relax because I'm sooo busy!! She had heard alot of apologies saying  maybe some other time. She wanted more than anything to make time with people. The ones she thought so much of. She enjoyed people. she enjoyed their stories, their encouragement, their failures and their victories and she longed to be with them. Her summer was slow and without alot of commitments. So much so that at times she just felt stuck. She wondered if all the busy people were aware …