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When you must break the silence

It has been 4 days of him not speaking to me. I too have shut down because talking to him only leads to further frustration. I have waited long and prayed hard for an apology. He passes me with nothing on his tongue. He glances the opposite direction to keep from making eye contact. He's gone to bed angry as well as I have too.                          

Today, I muster up the courage to ask the hard question before he walks out the door to go to work. It might not be the right timing to talk but I want restoration in our relationship. All too often I feel as if our marriage is always in the rebuilding stage. I have never seen it get completely rebuilt, so we could sit back and relax, breathe a bit and really enjoy one another. I have prayed all to often for him to be consistent on his end and I have not seen answers to this one yet, but I shall keep on praying until I do. Our marriage has been very hard work. I will not throw the towel in and let the emeny of my soul have my marri…