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For The New Mother Today

You have been wheeled down the hallway, down to the lobby of the hospital, where the car awaits you to put the new gift that God has given to you in the car seat. You were kind and gracious to the nurses who came in at all hours to check your vitals and made sure that you seemed to be healing up just fine. The new babe in the car seat, with you seated by it now yawns and closes the tiny little eyes to dream more dreams and the car drives away to carry you home to start this new journey of Motherhood.

 You arrive home and ease your still swollen body out of the car. The new member has been brought into the house. You bend over the car seat with that glowing smile that you think will never leave your face and unstrap the over sized belts and latches. You slowly slide your hands underneath and lift up on frail arms. The little legs still together and held. You quietly walk down the hall to the room that you took so much time creating just perfectly for this little one as if to show him/ h…