For The New Mother Today

You have been wheeled down the hallway, down to the lobby of the hospital, where the car awaits you to put the new gift that God has given to you in the car seat. You were kind and gracious to the nurses who came in at all hours to check your vitals and made sure that you seemed to be healing up just fine. The new babe in the car seat, with you seated by it now yawns and closes the tiny little eyes to dream more dreams and the car drives away to carry you home to start this new journey of Motherhood.


 You arrive home and ease your still swollen body out of the car. The new member has been brought into the house. You bend over the car seat with that glowing smile that you think will never leave your face and unstrap the over sized belts and latches. You slowly slide your hands underneath and lift up on frail arms. The little legs still together and held. You quietly walk down the hall to the room that you took so much time creating just perfectly for this little one as if to show him/ her their room for the first time.  You walk across the hallway to your room and gently place this tiny little body into the bassinet  that you have placed on your side of the bed for the first time. You hear those new baby gurgles and it melts every part of your heart. You have laid yourself down in hopes of getting some rest yourself, so weary from the last 2-3 days events and the toll it has taken on your body.

  It finally hits you hard as you look on into the bassinet . There are so many things you have never given thought to. How on this spinning earth can I ensure that I don't fail at the task that is now before me? How do I get this right on the days that will seem to go so wrong? What about S.i.d.s and all the other illnesses that can happen? Who will help me when I need help? When will the house work get done? When will I get my shower? Do you really have to go back to work?  This thing called nursing hurts way to much, What was I thinking when I committed to this in the hospital?


Your mother instinct has come alive in you and now you are washing your hands so much more often than you once did. You are making sure that the flood of visitors that will stream into your home the next few days have all washed their hands and that they are not sick and do I really want anyone else to hold this baby that has moved and kicked and breathed in my womb for the last 9 months?  The hospital told me not to allow people to come over for the next two months. So unsure, so much pressure to getting it all right!  The covers begin to wiggle and you see little pink arms lifting high and the legs extend upward. The next thing that comes is that un mistakeable new baby cry. The mouth wide open and all this little skin turns completely red from head to toe. Already hungry?  You think and say in your mind. I just fed you how can this be? So overwhelmed already with everything.


 You must slow down new mamma and breathe. This new baby stage does not last long at all. You think this will never end but it does all to soon . The sleepless nights will turn into sleeping full nights. The nursing really does get easier after baby has become a seasoned nurser. The pain really does go away and your swollen abdomen will go down. When someone asks to help you , let them! You need rest new mamma. This little one is depending on you to be at your best! Let someone else cook for you, clean for you, watch the baby while you sleep. Sleep when the baby sleeps.

God trusts you to take car of this precious little life. What a privilege you have been given to partner with God and pour yourself into someone else's life as He was poured out for your life! When in doubt of your own self, pray and ask for wisdom concerning this new life and how you must parent.  The scriptures say in Isaiah 40: 11 He will feed his flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young.
He will guide you into all the wisdom you need as you allow Him to parent you through parenting your young babe. Motherhood is a journey of sacrifice, most often times you will put this little one ahead of you and pluck out pieces of yourself to see to it that this little one has everything He / She needs. Remember he gave everything so you could have salvation through His death and ressurrection! Motherhood is a lifetime journey that will take you into the wildest of places and pour out on you the wildest of graces!

Loving you through Christ, New Mamma!
~ Lori


  1. Hi New Mamma! Would you come and sit with me on the front porch swing today? Would love to hear how you are doing on this new and wildest journey. ~ Lori


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