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When God Puts You At The Right Place At The Right Time

There was a message left for me on voicemail, inviting good and perfect gift and myself down for a swim. This pregnant mommy was very tired from the day. I had a Drs. appt. to check on the growth of the baby girl that continues to be knitted and woven perfectly in the secret places of my womb. A grocery trip had been in order for the day as well. Lots of other small errands to be ran as well. I had said yes to my good and perfect gift, he just delights in playing with the children down the street.
  We had walked down together and he proceeded to get into the pool with his friends.

 The friend that had invited us had her mother come over to keep an eye on her children while her husband took her out on a much needed date. This seemed somewhat awkward but I thought it will be great to get to know this lady and enjoy watching the children in the pool. We sat out beside the pool in our lawn chairs thinking we were going to relax in sultry 9o degree weather. What was I thinking!! I only had…