When God Puts You At The Right Place At The Right Time

There was a message left for me on voicemail, inviting good and perfect gift and myself down for a swim. This pregnant mommy was very tired from the day. I had a Drs. appt. to check on the growth of the baby girl that continues to be knitted and woven perfectly in the secret places of my womb. A grocery trip had been in order for the day as well. Lots of other small errands to be ran as well. I had said yes to my good and perfect gift, he just delights in playing with the children down the street.
  We had walked down together and he proceeded to get into the pool with his friends.

 The friend that had invited us had her mother come over to keep an eye on her children while her husband took her out on a much needed date. This seemed somewhat awkward but I thought it will be great to get to know this lady and enjoy watching the children in the pool. We sat out beside the pool in our lawn chairs thinking we were going to relax in sultry 9o degree weather. What was I thinking!! I only had wished there had been room in the 2 foot pool for me as well. I had taken a glass of icecold water with me to sip on so I could stay hydrated. The children had asked for the beach ball that had been laying on the ground next to the grandmother. She got up from her chair and tossed it to them. They were so excited to be with each other the ball kept flyingout of the pool just waiting for her and I to retrieve it. We took turns as each time the ball went flying, retrieving it for the little ones in the cool soothing water. This would be her last time to retrieve this ball. On her way down the hill she had slipped on wet grass and went down hard on her left leg, submitting  herself  to a broken ankle. I'm 6 months along now with a swollen abdomen of new life. I try to lift her up off the wet ground and was not able. She had somehow gotten herself turned over to where she could crawl. She was terrified and was going into shock. She was beginning to get out of breath in the heat as she trudged up the hill and up the deck into the house. In this moment I am ever so grateful that I had not just let good and perfect gift go down by himself to swim. The three children would not have known what to do, they are still small.  I rustled the three children out of the pool and onto the back deck asking them to keep there wet bodies there until I could attend to them . I managed to get her into the house, grabbed some pillows to elevate her ankle apply an ice pack and call 911.

  Thankfully, the ER was not busy and they came quickly.  While waiting on the ambulance to arrive , I had asked the children to come in and get dried off. Once dried, I asked them to come and sit with me so we could pray for God to take care of her and mend her quickly.

She kept saying how bad it hurt. I felt just terrible for her and kept telling her how sorry I was for her, she kept telling me how much she was grateful that it was her and not me with this swollen abdomen. It coud have been me and I could have lost a baby girl that day.  My good and perfect gift looked at her with such tenderness in his little heart and said "I know it hurts". "God will take care of you, you will be just fine". The warm wet begin to brim and I was so touched to the core of my heart. I had called her daughter to let her know of this emergency. They were about two miles from the restaurant when I had called, they turned their car around and headed straight home. I called my sweet hubby to let him know where I was and what had happened since he was on his way home and I try most days to have dinner ready for when he comes in. Looking back on this day I'm so grateful I was able to be here in this moment to help this sister in Christ out. Who knows just how God can and will use you even when your tired and pregnant and all you want to do is sit down under the air and rest. We must be willing to walk out into the uncomfortable places in our lives, the places that cause us to be inconvienced, put away self and selfish desires to be the vehicle that God wants to use. Where do you see God working in your heart to put you in an uncomfortable or inconvienced place? Would you submit your heart and yield your will  to Him?

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