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Just Surviving

They are filled with earlymornings, bottles,
diapers, fussiness, homeschooling, temper tantrums,melt downs, and the like. My Motherhood days. Most days I feel alone in this journey. Mother's are busy with their own families. By the time I get the three of us ready to go out the door, I'm completely worn out and feel like going nowhere. My husband helps me out when he gets home, but there is no one to help me weather the rough days, I feel like. I don't tend to call on friends because I know that they are busy and probably can't help out. I'm completely worn out by the end of the day. I have poured myself out to everyone and have nothing left to offer to anyone else. I am tired to the bone. Does this sound like you sweet mamma friend?  I found this wonderful book to be such an encouragement to me. If this sounds like you. Then I would suggest that you order it and begin reading it along with me. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with other mammas who need t…