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A Gift On Mother's Day Week

his has been like every other week that I have adventured through. Looking forward to celebrating Mother's Day with my family, wondering what could possibly be rolled up like a scroll ,that good and perfect gift made me. I had kept my word to him not to peek until Mother's Day. Today, today would be all together different.Two days before the celebrating would take place, I was to have my own celebration. A celebration of the little life  that is being knit perfectly together within the secret place. I had been awakened by this most wonderful feeling. I could feel little bumps and kicks for about 10 mins. I put my hand to my swolen abdomen only to be able to feel nothing from the outside only the inside. It was dark in the house. All was sound asleep. I decided to have my own little celebration between God and myself.

I can't praise you enough Lord for allowing me to feel the tiny little kicks from this precious little life that you have placed in my womb. I had so missed t…