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Never Let'em See You Sweat. Really?

Notice: After some research I found that blogger has some kinks that they are working on. One being the comments section. So I am over here if you would like to share with me.

It was a catch phrase in an old anti perspirant commercial. We have used this phrase in many other sittings as well. In interviews, in ballgames and the like. I have often heard it used in parenting circles as well. Never let your kids see you sweat. Really? It has come to me when in situations this week that I have called on my Daddy for help that I did it sliently in my heart not letting good and perfect gift see me or hear me in my distress. What a disservice I have let him see.
                He deals with fear of monsters and such. I tell him call out to Jesus and he will be with you. We have this bible verse that we say when we are afraid. He listens carefully and then says his verse. He proceeds to walk confidantly into the room that he is afraid of. I fear I have taught him that mommy tries to handle her …