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Washing The Feet Of Jesus In The Mundane

he is old and still has lots of life in her. Her only problem is she sometimes goes on the floor. Today was one of those days. I woke up and got myself ready for the day. It's a day full of homeschooling and housework.Typical day to day things. Some things are piling up from the day before. I never feel like I really get caught up and can stay that way. Good and perfect gift awakens. He hears me fumbling around, me trying to finish up. As he rounds the corner to the stairs I hear him say."Oh Nooo!! Oh Bijou!!! Our grey and white cat has made a mess on the rug and good and perfect gift has stepped his little flesh pink toes into her mess! If it were not for her having so much life left in her, I would take her to the vet and have her put down. She is 17 years old and her eyesight is great no cataracts. She walks with a bounce to her step. Sometimes she bumbles up and down the steps faster than me! I think she has several years left. The vet tells me she has a heart murmor and …