Washing The Feet Of Jesus In The Mundane

he is old and still has lots of life in her. Her only problem is she sometimes goes on the floor. Today was one of those days. I woke up and got myself ready for the day. It's a day full of homeschooling and housework.Typical day to day things. Some things are piling up from the day before. I never feel like I really get caught up and can stay that way. Good and perfect gift awakens. He hears me fumbling around, me trying to finish up. As he rounds the corner to the stairs I hear him say."Oh Nooo!! Oh Bijou!!! Our grey and white cat has made a mess on the rug and good and perfect gift has stepped his little flesh pink toes into her mess! If it were not for her having so much life left in her, I would take her to the vet and have her put down. She is 17 years old and her eyesight is great no cataracts. She walks with a bounce to her step. Sometimes she bumbles up and down the steps faster than me! I think she has several years left. The vet tells me she has a heart murmor and that it will only get worse. He catches my eyes with the word worse. I know that this will be the thing that will one day take her life. For right now she is still very healthy.

I pick good and perfect gift up and take him to the sink. I perch him up onto the countertop and stick his perfect little toes under the soothing warm water. I'm thinking how good this must feel to him, to have this warm water tricking down all warm and clean. I reach for soap and pump drops into palm. I lather and put my hands to his feet. I hear the spirit speak to my heart. He reminds me of Jesus washing the disciples feet. All the dirt and grime and yes maybe some animal droppings as well. No complaints came from him. The Royal takes off garments of a king and puts on humble coverings to wash filth off of 12 men who would later flee and turn their back on him. One who would sell him for 3o pieces of silver. Yet he continued to serve them , to love them, to teach them the way of a servant. I to serving as he did. I smile. Continuing to wash between toes. He also reminds me of  Mary pouring out her tears and herself on the feet of her Master. This, This moment doesn't feel so mundane all of a sudden. It feels, It feels holy! I continue to wash between the toes and make sure there is nothing left on his tiny little feet. I want to massage his flesh as I hold these feet in my hands. I'm reminded that at this moment, this holy moment, I'm washing the feet of Christ. When the disciples had their moment they missed out on such a beautiful thing. They had the chance to wash the Master's feet but instead the Master washed theirs. He who was king bent low to serve.  I don't want to miss out on this moment. I want to wash the feet of my Lord and do it with sheer joy. I want to pour myself out as Mary did. Pour out all that I have on the feet that I have been given to wash this day. I turn the water off to inspect the washed feet now. All Clean!


I pick up a towel to dry these little feet off. Thoughts swirl in my head. What must it have been like for Mary to have bent so low to have poured out wet and salty tears on the Master's feet. To have held the feet that would later have spikes pounded into flesh and warm scarlet rush out. What it must have been like to have held those feet and dried them with her long locks. How honored this Mary was in the eyes of her Lord."Leave her alone!" He says to those around him. "She has done a precious thing to me", I too hear these words and they ring loud and they ring into joints and marrow burying deep into soul tissue. In the mundane I have done a precious thing to him. I'm lifted high in my spirit. Because this mundane moment  became a holy moment I never want to forget.

Jesus, Thank you for allowing me to bend low today to wash your feet. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you in this way.

Unwrapping more of his Grace here today.
1,667. Waking up spiritually to God and his holy moments of grace.
1,668. Washing the feet  of Jesus today.
1,669.Stopping to pray before I speak. The prompting of the Holy Spirit to pray.
1,670. Having the resurrection power within me!
1,671.Hubby being receptive to hard spoken words. * Hard Eucharisteo
1,672. The Holy Spirit filling our home with peace.
1,673.Being made aware of the enemy and his attacks. Thank you Holy Spirit!
1,674.God going to battle for me and showing himself very real to me.
1,675. Hubby coming home early from work.
1,676. Hubby apologizing and asking for forgiveness.
1,677. Hubby's flowers perking up after putting them into food water.
1,678. Good and perfect gift giving Jesus a chance to take away his fears. Jesus really does prove himself to be faithful!
1,679.Sticking adhesive letters on the wall and it turned out beautiful!
1,679. playdate for good and perfect gift.
1,680. Ringing in the New Year with small group. Such a great time of fellowship!


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