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When You Finally Wake Up To Christ And Your Salvation

s I continue counting my grace gifts daily, I have learned something. I have realized for the first time in my life, that I have finally woken up! Woken up to love, his love. His never stopping, never giving up,unbreaking, always and forever love! As I count each gift, the good ones, the not so good ones, the really messy ones, I realize that they are all good!! He is all good all of the time. There is never not one moment during my day the day that he has made that he doesn't love me. It's as if he whispers, " This is so you will look like my Son" Yes it hurts right now and yes I am with you carrying you through but It is because I want you to look like my Son. I love you so much that I want to bring you to perfection! Complete perfection will never take place this side of heaven. However, he will not stop the perfecting process. He will continue to do his good work in me until the day it is completed in heaven. Counting his love has woken me up to his beauty moment…