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The Grateful Heart Of A Child

He prayed for her weekly and monthly. He prayed for her as did Hannah prayed for Solomon. He never gave up until an answer finally came. He taught me how to prayer as a child coming to the Father with full expecting faith.

I watch him all day as he goes throughout the day. How he kisses on her and hugs on her.

He adores her to no end. He loves her with a grateful love. He asks me more than 20 times daily,"Mommy is it o.k. if I giver her a kiss or a hug?"  I smile big and nod. He shows his gratitude through the action of love shown by affection. I tease him and tell him that he loves on her more than her Daddy and I do! He giggles and says" Mommmy". If she knows anything, She knows the wonderful love of her parents and her big brother.

      She is loved and kissed and hugged on so much in one day, how it is that God brings a family closer when he gives you a new member to shower love onto and into.   It truly is a joy to have this precious little girl in our lives. We…