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Oh How Women Really Need Each Other

I have felt the quiet lonely sound of silence. When noone would come near. Noone would lend a helping hand. The judgemental stares would absolutely crush the inside of me. Feeling so isolated, so alone.

Wondering and praying if there was anyone in the world who would want to befriend me. Someone who could listen, someone who I could depend on to really help me out and give me some respite in the tough times. Someone who I could call on to cry on their shoulder. Someone who would not judge me for the way I raise my good and perfect gift. I wanted to scream " Please God send me a friend. Just one!"
After many prayers sent heavenward. God did something so amazing. Not only did he send one but a multitude of people who are going through the same things I am walking through. Ladies just like me, broken,bewildered,worn out, tossed aside,having been judged, Mom's!

How I praise you, Lord, For doing immeasurably more than I could ever ask or imagine!

Only you knew how much I cou…