Because Mamma Never Told Me There'd Be Days Like This...

          Growing up with him was hard, real hard! He was hyper and mean, terribly mean. Constantly doing things he shouldn't. Saying things he ought not to. Little was known about meds. at that time. Although they tried. He ended up overmedicated and zombielike. It all to quickly ended and they never tried them again.


        I remember Mom crying a lot. She just didn't know how to handle him, discipline him. Dad's yelling became a constant noise and with it came many threats but no follow through. What a hard thing AD/HD is to parent through.

I remember all the fears I had finding out I was pregnant with good and perfect gift. I begged God constantly to give him a normal brain. One that had plenty of the chemicals it needed to work well. A brain that would not be hyper. I prayed hard, so hard. My Daddy said, "No". simply put. I guess my journey to going lower for me means learning how to parent a child who's brain needs extra chemicals. A child who is impulsive and does things he's not supposed to. A child whose brain thinks hoarding trash is a good thing. Most days I don't know what I'm doing. Most often I find myself in tears a lot like my Mamma because I just can't seem to get him to listen and obey.

          The good news for him is that when this Mamma and his Daddy make a disciplinary threat we mean it and follow through on it. Letting him know we mean business. We parent him with much love and much grace. I can't pray for him enough to be a child who will run hard and fast after his heavenly Father. I want to see him grow up and love Jesus with all that he is. God made him perfectly as he is. It is a daily journey for me to accept his good and perfect brain the way it is and be his cheerleading Mom on the sidelines for him as he journeys through this unkind world. It's so hard when the world goes so far at letting you know in profound ways that your child doesn't measure up to the rest of the "normal" children.


        It hurts the heart of a Mamma so much and I have spent many moments biting my tongue so that my mouth wouldn't get me into trouble. People just aren't kind enough to keep their thoughts about your child to themselves. Like I said before raising a child with AD/HD is hard, real hard.

Daddy, I pray for the strength to carry on when I feel empty, alone, and abandoned by others. Parenting your good and perfect gift is the toughest thing you have called me to. But if it means me going lower to become like your Son Jesus, then I pray that you would give me an extra measure of your grace to keep on keepin' on. I want to not only win the race, but I want to run  and run well all the way to the finish line. In Jesus name I pray Amen.


  1. What is your toughest Mamma moment or challenge?


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