Snuggling Into Jesus

The day has worn long. We have had a full day of homeschooling, playing, and housework. Sweet Hubby has been down for several days now with an upper respiratory infection. He comes home weary and needing much rest from his day. He needs to heal and healing can only come when we can stop and rest this body. He lays down and sleeps into the evening hours allowing his body to be healed by the Creators hands.

Tonights dinner shall be a quick and easy one. Chicken noodle for Sweet Hubby. Chicken rings and tater tots for good and perfect gift. A protein shake and some fruit for me. Not really much hungry.
   We eat in the warmeth of candle light's glow some days. It helps to calm our family and eases us into the night hours. We enjoy each other's company around the table.


 Sweet hubby mostly quiet because of him not feeling well at all. Good and perfect gift gives his Daddy the gift of recounting his day to him and all he has learned and played and done with the minutes he has been given. I smile with delight, as I see his blue little eyes that I prayed so hard for light up with enthusiasm with each story he recounts.


   At the end of our evening, I bathe good and perfect gift tonight. Sweet Hubby is the one who usually does the bathing. He enjoys serving his wife in this way and it gives him some extra one on one time with good and perfect gift. Tonight is my turn to serve the one who took my hand in his many years ago to be my forever love. Good and perfect  gift loves bath time and he plays with a multitude of toys while I bathe this little one who has been entrusted into my loving care to grow and mold into a godly man who loves Jesus more than anything. At times this thought can overwhelm but tonight I'm thinking of enjoying the extra time I get with him.

 I get him all dry and he brushes white enamel, sparkling white. He steps into warm jammies and readies himself for storytime. One of our favorite times of the day. We have read to him since he was 6 months old. He loves this time as well as His Daddy and I do. We make it a priority in our home and protect this time with every ounce in our being. For us this is such a holy time. A time to which we can take off the shoes of our day and come before our Father as a family and recount his love for us. We read out of  The Jesus Story Book Bible.


This little bible is the best Children's bible out there. The words are so easy for a little one to understand and it is so full of very descriptive words that will capture a child's heart and mind. Not one time does it stray from scripture. Lord I thank you for working through these people to write and illustrate such a wonderful bible! We end each holy time with prayer on our kness as a family before the throne and we express our concerns to the only True and Living God who cares so deeply for us and those we pray for and lift up. We say our good nights to Daddy, hug his big strong body and shower his cheeks with kisses of love then turn the corner to his room to snuggle down for the night. God has decided to bless me tonight with a most amazing moment with good and perfect gift. We have some, what my good and perfect gift calls "special words", that we tell him every night before he goes to sleep. We spend some time with him on his bed showering God's love on him. We tell him that God and Jesus love him so very much. We tell him that the Holy Spirit is there to lead him and guide him every single day. We tell him God has such a special plan for his precious little life. We tell him that he does not have to be afraid, that Jesus is watching over him and keeping him safe. That he protects him. We tell him that he is so special because he is an image bearer of God. These are what I call love words. Words that I think every child everywhere needs to hear daily. Words that will be planted and rooted deep within a heart so that the heart will never forget the truth these words hold.
I lay beside good and perfect gift. Our faces turned so that our eyes catch each other and hold each other there in the moment. He then begins to bury his head as close as he can to my neck. I feel his tiny little nose against my skin. He tells me he is trying to "smell my aroma". At first this feels a little abnormal. But it hits me. He's making a mental note of his Mommy's fragrance. He is snuggled in tight and he tells me, you smell so nice Mommy. I smile and nod. I don't think that it is any perfume that I might have sprayed on. That has been worn off hours ago. He inhales deep this time I smile inside and out because he is trying so hard to breathe in my aroma, my fragrance of me! I watch his little eyes begin to drift they begin to fall heavy with each breath he takes and then they close for the night. I watch his long eye lashes dance as his little blue orbs move from side to side under his lids. I take this moment to have a check of my own estate. When was the last time I stayed snuggled into Jesus so tight I could smell his aroma his fragrance. I pray and talk to him. I try and grab a minute here and there to read his word but it's always hurried and rushed. I know how this moment with good and perfect gift impacted me. I want so much to show my Father and Jesus that I want to stay and breath in his aroma his fragrance. I want to snuggle tight into my Savior until I can breathe deep of his fragrance. I don't want to ever forget what that aroma smells like.

Father, How I come to you this morning with a humble heart to ask for your forgiveness for not giving you myself. Weill you forgive me for giving you nothing but the leftovers. Help me to give you the first fruits of me. Help me to snuggle tight into you so I can smell your fragrance, your aroma. Thank you for your teaching moments with my good and perfect gift. Thank you for your forgiveness and for your unending flow  of Grace. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Recounting more of his Grace Gifts

1,312. Good and perfect gift wanting to breath deep of his Mommy's fragrance.
1,313. having to stay home for the weekend when my family had a gathering.
1,314. My brother finally coming home to see his very sick Mom.
1,315. Step sister coming home to see very ill step Mom.
1,316.Her treating step mom with such kindness.
1,317. Making time to see my brother before his flight back.
1,318. Spending the day with my Sister.
1,319. Meeting my nephew for the first time. What a cutie!
1,321. Friend going to Bible Study with me.
1,322. Being used by God to minister to a hurting heart.
1,323. Sharing about my Mom with church family/
1,324. Church family laying hands on me and praying for healing for my Mom.
1,325. God softening my heart toward my brother.


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