What Our 20 Week Ultrasound Revealed

e walked into the Drs. office together as a family, filled with anticipation, excitement for the news that we would hear  and the sights we would see that day. The three of us have been praying for a little girl. Even good and perfect gift desires to have a sister. His reasoning that His precious little mind came up with all on His own in His own words," Mommy , we already have a prince in the family, we need a princesss"! I nod my head, smiling at his reasoning and agree with him. The wait was not long, I had drank my water and was eagerly awaiting a much needed bathroom break. The Technician opens the door and calls my name. We walk back to the ultrasound room and take our places as if we were awaiting to see a symphony, or a play. I had brought a small shoe box filled with things that good and perfect gift could use to keep him occupied since this visit would be alot longer than our usual. I had laid down on the bed and lifted my shirt. She squirted warm jelly on my abdomen and put the machine to my skin. I noticed she first checked to make sure our baby's heart was beating before she continued. She has asked us if the baby is positioned the right way would we like to know the gender of our baby? With out a blink of an eye the three of us said "Yes!" together in unison. She measured the head, the abdomen, the legs, she checked for the four chambers of the heart and watched the blood flow out of the heart as well as into the heart. She watched for the blood to flow out of the life cord as well as into. So far our baby was knitted perfectly. I praise God for how He is knitting this  little one together perfectly. Then the technician asked us " Do you want to know"? "Absolutely"!, The three of us replied again.

The picture she showed us was that of a precious little Girl!! How awesome God is to answer this prayer that the three of us had been praying for such a long , long time.

I lifted my hands heavenward and praised my Daddy for what He has been doing in my womb. My eyes brimmed and warm salty water rolled and kept rolling. I could not stop. Sweet hubby looked at me and put his hand of love on my forhead and caressed me  gently.  He knew how much my heart longed for a little girl. I knew how much my heart longed for a little girl. Daddy God was giving me my hearts desire and I was overwhelmed at His goodness and His graciousness to our family.

  The ultrasound technician said," You can tell she really wanted a girl." I said, "We have all three wanted a girl." My husband and I had been having a tug of war of sorts as to what we would name a little girl. It was the same tug of war we had when I was pregnant with good and perfect gift. We had never came up with a girl's name. 
I had read Ann's Book 1,000 Gifts and had began following her blog. Once I found out  I was pregnant, I had it in my heart , if I had a little girl I wanted to name her either charis which means grace in the greek or chara which means joy in the greek. When we had told good and perfect gift that we were going to have a baby , we began tossing around a few names. We came to girl names and my good and perfect gift chimes in with Joy, I think we should name the baby joy if it's a girl. That did it for me. I knew in my heart that was God's confirmation to me that if this baby was going to be a girl, I should give her the name Joy. So I looked up the name again to get the correct spelling in English. We would name her Kharah Ann. Ann means full of grace. After reading Ann's book, God brought Joy back to my embittered heart. He took away the anger and the bitterness and set me free from the pit I had dug myself into and through the daily act of worship to Him by giving Him thanks with my gratitude journal, he replaced and overfilled my heart with His joy. So it is with proclamation of His joy that he put in my heart that I name our baby girl with. And it is with proclamation of His grace , that I give her the middle name of Ann. Because only He is full of pure, righteous, unhibited, unmeasureless, grace.
     Daddy, I am undone and overwhelmed at your grace you have lavished on our family! How I praise you with wondrous Eucharisteo today and everyday. I love you Daddy! 
      Your Daughter because of your grace~ 

Continuing to give Him unending thanks:
3,070. Daddy being home with us half the day.
3,071.Good and perfect gift being such a great speller at his age!
3,072. Our Drs. appt. going so well!
3,073.Our Baby girl! Daddy I'm still in awe of you blessing us with a girl!!!
3,074. Sweet hubby bending and giving in to let me name our baby girl Kharah - meaning Joy
3,075. Eucharisteo changing my life forever!!
3,076. Celebrating with yummy icecream!
3,077. Buying Kharah her first pair of pink shoes.
3,078.Good and perfect gift picking out a too cute sleeper for Her.
3,079. Good and perfect gift being so willing to give up two of his icecream coupons for His Mommy and Daddy
3,080. Talking with friend at store. Everything turning out great with her new grandbaby!
3,081.Having someone to watch good and perfect gift so I could try some clothes on.
3,082.Sending mass e-mail to proclaim our wonderful news.
3,083.tears running down my face.
3,084. His gentle touch on my forehead.
3,085.Ultrasound machines amazing technology!
3,086. My sister not really caring about me or our new baby. *Hard Eucharisteo
3,087.Ministering to a friend that is hurting.
3,088. not getting 3D pictures of Kharah. *Disappointing Eucharisteo 
3,089. Ultrasound tech letting me have a bathroom break before she started.
3,090.More of his 109 bedtime kisses.
3,091. Him working so hard on His spelling words.
3,092. Having a scavenger hunt with his spelling words.
3,093.Playing wii one night a week as a family.
3,094.At the end of the day, he tells me how glad he is to get to have a sister.
3,095. special moments with him before he goes to sleep for the night.
3,096. Him being so snuggly when he first wakes up in the morning.
3,097. Him crawling into bed with me in the morning to snuggle, falling back to sleep.

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