When all doesn't go well

He came on a Tuesday after getting such high reviews. My husband feels the call to move us into a slightly bigger home now that we have our joy girl. 16 years we have let our roots sink down deep into this place. My husband had received Christ in our bedroom on a dark night many years ago. I remember good and perfect gift being born and him telling me it was time for his arrival at 2:00 a.m. many years ago. The walls can tell you many stories that I will never forget having lived in this little starter home for the past 16 years. I agree we could use the extra room.


         I was in need of someone who was good with dry walling. I had used my creative artsy side to try and texture our bathroom several years ago. Sadly, it did not turn out that way I had wished. I knew this would be a selling point once we put our home on the market. He said he could fix my "mess" and gave me a reasonable quote to do so. I was so excited to have this room fixed.  He came the first day began sanding off all the drywall mud I had caked onto the wall. He came down about halfway through and told me he was going to have to charge me more than he quoted. My spirit began to glow red with warning flags. I had told him we could not afford to go more than he quoted. He went back upstairs to work some more. About an hour later he came down and said he was going to leave for the day that he would be back the next day. I went upstairs to see what he had done so far. There were gashes all the way down to the drywall! I was somewhat skeptical that he knew what he was doing.  The next day came and he shows up 5 hours late. He told me he would be there at 9 a.m. He shows up at 2p.m.  with the smell of alcohol  on his breath. I'm just filled with fury at this man. I have never felt so vulnerable inside of my own home before. I guess maybe I should have told him to leave at this point. I did not instead I tried to tell myself that maybe I could be some kind of witness to this man. He finds his way upstairs and tells me he will be skim coating today. He leaves within the hour and again I go and see what kind of work he has done. I think he put more mud than I did on the wall. I'm just not for sure of him at all. My husband is allowing me to handle this since I'm the one who called and set this up. For several days he does not show and when he does call me he gives me excuse after excuse as to why he is not showing up to finish this job. I finally tell him that he needs to come and just pick up his tools. I no longer need his services. I write a note and put it in his tool box. "Please just come and quietly take your tools and leave." He seems to not be able to come and pick up his tools either! He tries to send his daughter  but she gives excuse as to why she can't come to pick up his tools. Finally, a friend of hers comes to pick up the tools. Before this I remove the first note and write more of a prayer for him that I hope he will see.
 Heavenly Father, I don't know what is going on in the life of this man but you do. I don't know why he does not want to finish a job he said he could do but you know. I want him to know Daddy, that I forgive him for not finishing his job. I forgive him for coming into my home with alcohol on his breath making me and my children feel uncomfortable. I pray Daddy for this man that you would send your Spirit  to him to talk with him. I pray that you would somehow use this prayer to lead him to Christ someday. I know you love him and you sent your Son to die for him too! Please let him know how much you love him and pour him  out a blessing today that would speak to his heart in Jesus mighty and holy name I pray Amen. I tucked this letter into his tool box and meant every word that I wrote.

 Daddy, this was a trying couple of weeks. I do pray that someday this man will come to know your Son. I thank you for the opportunity to shine on behalf of Christ. Thank you for removing all ill feelings that tried to take me over. I love you Daddy.

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~ Lori


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