Finally A Due Date

ur good and perfect gift got to go to the Doctor's appointment with us and was allowed to sit with us through the ultrasound! He was so amazed at watching this little life who is being knitted together inside Mommy's womb, move! He watched intently as the baby would  move arm's and legs and push the little head back and forth. He was in awe to hear the heartbeat, so very strong and fast. I told him this is what you looked like when Mommy and Daddy got to see you the first time. He could hardly believe that he was once so tiny. We asked the ultrasound tech "How big the baby was at this point"? She measured and told us about 4 and a half inches. Not very big at all but you could see the outline of the face. You could clearly see little arms, and legs, and hands. Clearly God's workmanship in the making. My eyes brimmed and pooled as I watched in silence. I had remembered a doctor many years ago telling me,"You will never be able to have children". I looked that Doctor square in the eyes and said to him in my most confident voice. "You don't know God do you?" Not only has God blessed us with one child, but several years later he is blessing us with another one. Wow! The thought of God giving us another good and perfect gift from above in the form of a child! I can't even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I am at God's bounty in my life. I have not done any fertilization processes, although many Doctor's have told me that this would be the only way I could conceive. I don't have that kind of cash just laying around. I do have God and he is mighty and very able to accomplish anything in my life. He made it through all of my body's issues and accomplished creating new life in my womb again!
I have waited a month and a half to get to our first prental visit. I tried calculating when I would be 12 weeks. That's when they wanted to see me. My cycles have been so crazy that I gave them the best guesstimate that I could. I'm so happy to finally get to this day and have a due date. Our little one is due Oct. 5th. I have been feeling wonderful. Not one ounce of morning sickness. I'm pretty fatigued by the afternoon. I am getting some extra sleep ytime in when I can.God has been so good to our family and the blessings he is showering on us right now are being received with much gratitiude. I can't get over how much things change in the short time that I have had my good and perfect gift. New tests are being done. Ultrasounds done at the very first appt. I had only gotten one with my good and perfect gift. With this one I will have more than one. i'm so excited for the next one! This wwill be the big one where we will be able to hopefully find out if this one is a girl or boy. I hope that we can get some 3D pictures of this one. My arms ache already to hold this little one in my arms and to kiss the baby soft skin. To feel the tiny breath against me.To hold the hands and feet of one that God will do wonderful things through. Another little voice that will one day melt my heart with "Mommy, I love you"! I don't have long to wait. We are working right now on cleaning out a room for the baby and wondering what we are going to do with all of the clothes that I have held onto from my good and perfect gift. I really can't do anything with them until I know what this baby will be. In the mean time I will be continuing to pray for the health of my baby and my health as well. Safe and healthy delivery. Thank you Father for the wonderful work you are creating in my womb! I praise your name above all names!

Here is a picture of our new little one still in the womb.
                                               it is a little bit blurry but it is the best I could do and not have any of my personal information in there. You may wat to back away from your computer a bit to see it better.

Unwrapping more of His lavished on gifts. Celebrating joyous Eucharisteo here today

2,608. First prenatal visits with a new and wonderful O.B.
2,609. Her remembering coming to talk with me, when good and perfect gift was born.
2,610. Hubby and good and perfect gift going together with me as a family.
2,611. Us all getting to hear the baby's heartbeat at the first appt. Good and perfect gift was just in awe!
2,612. Us getting to see the baby on the Ultrasound screen at our first appt. good and perfect gift could tell me every body part he saw. Was absolutely speechless at times.
2,613. " Mommy was I ever that small when I was in your tummy"?
2,614. Watching this life in the kntting process move all around. The wonder of it all.
2,615. The warm wet and salty running uncontrollably down my cheeks. * Joyous Eucharisteo
2,616. Overwhelmed at God putting life in my womb once more.
2,617. Dr's having to check for Downs. New testing for women now.
2,618. Having blood drawn twice for testing.
2,619. Sweet young Mom and I share the same Dr. and appt. day.
2,620.Naming our due date.
2,621. Being able to name something.
2,622. Being able to have a date to remember
2,623. Sharing wonderful news with familyand friends.


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